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December 2011



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Dec. 30th, 2011

Testers and sniffies

Testers (a good testable amount, like anywhere from 5 to 20%)
Anactoria 2008
Beaver Moon 2005
Boo 2009
Champagne & Cigars*
Comforting Plush Companion*
Eggnog Latte*
Snake Oil 2006*
Sugar Cookie 2004*
Teatime in Roswell
The Hag
Womb Furie 2010

Skin testables (just a tiny drop)
Beaver Moon 2005*
Beaver'Versary x3*
Banshee Beat*
Pancake Breakfast*
Snowblind 2005*
Womb Furie 2010

Dry (or not sure)
Detestable Putrescence
Monster Bait: Closet*
Pancake Breakfast*

Nov. 26th, 2011

MakeUp related wants

Need to go to:
The Makeup Show - 22nd & 23rd of September - Berlin, Germany

Need to look for:
A bright cherry red eyeshadow

Nov. 20th, 2011

Currently ISO of...

Please make my day and comment if you have something of the following. I really prefer swapping over buying, but I make exeptions sometimes. My swaps are here: http://babypopje.livejournal.com/2501.html

Single Notes (anywhere from a tester, up to a bottle for some)
Apricot, Black Cherry, Blood Orange, BPAL-Distilled Patchouli, Cherry, Cinnamon, Coconut, Coffee Bean, Dark Myrrh, East African Black Patchouli, Egyptian Amber, Georgia Peach, Hazelnut, Indonesian Red Patchouli, Licorice Bark, Light Myrrh, Mandarin Orange, Oakmoss, Orange, Pineapple, Plum, Pomegranate, Red Ginger, Red Mysore Sandalwood, Redwood, Rosewood, Saffron, Spanish Moss, Strawberry, Sweet Almond, Sweet Clove, Sweet Pea, Toasted Coconut, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bean, White Cedarwood, White Sandalwood.

Other rare stuff
Beaver Moon 2005 (bottle, any level)
Cake Smash v6 (bottle, any level)
Dungeon atmo spray (any amount)
Marshmellow Pumpkin (bottle, any level) pending
Monster Bait: Closet (any amount)
Pancake Breakfast (any amount)
Pinched with Four Aces (any amount, even a tester)
Pink Velvet Kitty (bottle, any level)
Pumpkin Hard Candy (any amount) pending
Quincey Morris (any amount)

And some more normal goodies
Candied Pumpkin (bottle, any level)
Bliss (bottle, at least 50%)
Exotic Bazaar atmo spray (goblin squirt or decant)
Frankincence & Clove hair gloss (decant)
Golletes (decants)
Harvest Festival atmo spray (bottle)
Honey hair gloss (any amount)
Snake Oil hair gloss (bottle or decant)
Snake Oil (back-up bottle, aged or fresh)
Womb Furie 2011 (bottle, any level)

Help me raise some $$$!

I will send the package anywhere, and prices vary so please let me know what you are interested in and I'll give you a quote, but it starts at $0,63 inside NL, $1,09 inside the EU and $1.31 for the rest of the world for 2 imps or decants. I will wrap everything carefully in bubblewrap and ship in new bubble mailers. Insurance is possible, but expensive. That would be $9,66 inside NL, $13,08 inside the EU and $22,28 for the rest for the world. Yeah.. it is that expensive *sad face*. I have feedback on BPAL.org under the same username. Payments via Paypal.

Bread & Butterfly (35% full) $6

Limited Edition decants and a proto (full unless noted)
Blue Pumpkin Floss (50% full) $2.25
Devil's Night 2011 $4.50
Dido v1 (75% full) $3.25
Pink Phoenix (75% full) $2.50
Sonnet D'Automne $4.50 

General Catalogue imps (full unless noted) $2 each
Cairo (75% full)
Hurricane (75% full)
Jabberwocky (50% full)
O (50%) pending
Pele pending
Schrodinger's Cat (75% full)
Shoggoth (75% full)
Utrennyaya (75% full)

Freebies (max two per person, and please note this adds up for the postage as well)
Banshee Beat (testable sniffy)
Beaver 'Versary (sniffy)
Beaver 'Versary (testable sniffy, 2x)
Boo 2009 (generous tester)
Celeste (testable sniffy)
Ghoulish (sniffy)
The Queens Croquet Ground atmo spray (sniffy) 

Swaps, rares included!

Picky swaps (try me, but I'd love some Quincey Morris, Marshmellow Poof or Pinched with Four Aces)
Banshee Beat (decant)
Celeste (decant)
Hearth 2004 (bottle, 85%)
IXHV4 (decant)
Pink Phoenix (decant, 70% full)
Pussy (decant)
Zombie Apocalypse v4 (decant)

#Occupy Wall Street (@ base of neck)
Bread & Butterfly (35%)
Man with Phallus Head (@ shoulder)
Sticky Pillowcase (1/3)

Limited Edition & prototype decants (full unless noted)
Andreiphontes (50% full)
Araw Ng Mga Patay
Blue Pumpkin Floss (50% full)
Boo 2010 (50% full)
Brood Xix (from my bottle)
Devil's Night 2011
Dido v1 (75% full)
Enkhespalos (50% full)
Marshmellow Pumpkin (50% full)
Milk Moon 2007 (from my bottle)
Monsieur Petitbled's Frivolous Wheeled Footwear (70% full)
Mother Ginger (from my bottle)
Pallas Athene (from my bottle)
Pomona (from my bottle)
Pumpkin IV 2009 (75% full)
Pumpkin Princess
Sprinklecake (from my bottle)
Rhinotoros (from my bottle)

BPTP (all picky swaps)
Gooey Pillowcase (double-sized goblin squirt decant, 75% full)
Rappaccini's Greenhouse II proto atmo spray keychain (full)
Snow White atmo spray (1/2 or 1oz decant)
Sojourn Down the Midway atmo spray keychain (70% full)

General Catalogue imps (full unless noted)
Arkham (decant from my bottle)
Black Moon (75% full)
Bohun Upas 
Cairo (75% full)
Jabberwocky (75% full)
O (from my bottle)
Schrodinger's Cat (75% full)
Shoggoth (75% full)
Sudha Segara
Utrennyaya (75% full)

Sniffies & testers (please ask for fullness/testability)
Banshee Beat
Beaver'Versary x2
Boo 2009
Comforting Plush Companion
Detestable Putrescence
Monster Bait: Closet
Obatala (aged)
Sugar Cookie 2004
The Hag
The Queen's Croquet Ground atmo spray
Womb Furie 2010 x2

Other E-Tailers
Haus of Gloi Peaches and Cream (imp, full)
MMU Cotton Candy (tester)
Moonalisa Midnight Orchard (decant, full)
Moonalisa Ubrae (decant, full)
Possets Giddy (imp, full)
Possets New England (imp, 65%)
Possets Sticky Gooey Buckeyes (imp, full)
Starring Fragrances The Triple Threat (mini-spritzer, 50%)
Woobie Bath Day at the Spa (imp, full)
Woobie Red Lace (bottle, full)